How to Fix Frizzy Hair

A head full of bouncy curls or thick hair looks beautiful on a girl or a guy. But curls and volume can feel like a curse when full-on frizz strikes! Frizzy, fluffy hair is not a good look on anybody, so we've compiled a bunch of tips that teach you how to fix frizzy hair and get your smooth on.

What Causes Frizzy Hair

The Weather

The weather, most likely. Summer heat and winter rain can play havoc with dry, porous hair, as moisture from the air swells the shaft, creating that wild-haired look. #NotCool.

Styling Tools

Styling tools are an enemy to glossy locks too. Although flat irons give a temporary smoothing effect, over time they can damage the hair, especially if you don't use a heat protection spray or  heat protection hair serum.

Hair Care Products

When it comes to products, shampoos containing sulfates, mineral oil, alcohol, or citric acid can strip away your hair's natural oils. Silicone in conditioner can lock out oils and cause frizz. Hair dyes containing ammonia are also super-damaging.

How to Prevent Frizzy Hair

There are many ways of protecting and repairing frizzy hair. You can use products on dry hair after styling for temporary smoothing effects, or use products on wet hair that work gradually to permanently banish frizz. Let us take you through your hair care regimen from start to finish with frizz-busting solutions you can try IRL (In Real Life):


  • Majorly dry, coarse curls? Use a shampoo and conditioner made especially for curly hair
  • Only shampoo your hair once or twice a week (three times is the max!)
  • Use a deep conditioner (hello crucial tip!) to seal the hair shaft and protect against frizz
  • Leave your deep conditioner on for 15-30 minutes. This ain't a luxury; it's a necessity
  • Use natural oil as an overnight treatment and wash it out the following morning


  • Our aloe vera hair serum nourishes and smoothes for silky locks to whip back and forth
  • Step away from the hairdryer, air-dry your mane, and avoid wrapping hair in a towel
  • A wide-toothed hair pick is wet, knotted hair's BFF
  • Almond, argon, keratin, coconut, macadamia, olive, and Moroccan oils all fight frizz!


  • The best way to straighten frizzy hair is... gently!
  • Use a heat protection spray and turn down the heat on that darn flat iron
  • Make sure you don't pull as you run your iron down the lengths of your hair
  • If you love to tie up or braid your hair, seal styles with natural oil, and stop touching

BTW, we didn't forget the guys...

Because fellas need to know how to fix frizzy ends of hair too! Try our kid's gel (that's not only meant for kids!) that strengthens hair as you style, or our alcohol-free hard or soft gel wax enriched with argan oil for superb shine and moisturization. These products will get busy fighting the frizzy so you can concentrate on perfecting your smolder.

With all that said, preventing frizz is better than trying to fight it

So make a few lifestyle changes for lasting results! Get regular trims at the hair salon to prevent the drama of split ends. Trade your cotton pillowcase for a silk one (check you, sleeping beauty!) or even try wrapping hair in a silk scarf while you slumber (so Audrey Hepburn it hurts).

And remember that healthy hair starts from within! Eat a diet rich in olive and coconut oil, snack on cashews and almonds, and consider vitamins formulated to strengthen hair (check with the doc first).

By following our tips on how to repair frizzy damaged hair, you'll have locks to rival Rapunzel with show-stopping shine and irresistible softness!