Elegance Shaving Bundle

Elegance Shaving Bundle - Elegance Canada

Elegance Shaving Bundle

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A better shave in one bundle. Our shaving set is the sure-fire way to smooth, fresh skin.

For a professional shaving experience, you need products that complement each other. Randomly mismatched shave gel and after shave won’t produce great results – and won’t exactly inspire you when you pick up your razor. Besides, your skin deserves better, so choose the Elegance shaving kit. It includes our innovative transparent shaving gel, after shave lotion plus our revitalizing after shave perfume mist in dynamic fragrance, a cool and clean fragrance that uplifts the senses. This kit is ideal for beginners, seasoned shavers, and gifting occasions too.

Key Features

  • Includes clear shaving gel and after shave in our refreshing Aqua scent
  • Transparent, non-foaming gel lets you see where you’ve already shaved
  • The gel forms a protective barrier on the skin to prevent cuts and razor burns
  • The after shave is the perfect finishing touch for smooth skin that smells great
  • A complete kit for a closer shave – ideal for gifting or promoting in your shop

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