Elegance Professional Nitrile Gloves

Elegance Professional Nitrile Gloves - Elegance Canada
Elegance Professional Nitrile Gloves - Elegance Canada

Elegance Professional Nitrile Gloves

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Elegance Professional Nitrile Gloves | Elegance Color Cloves | Barber Gloves

Introducing our professional nitrile gloves by Elegance, the ultimate solution for protection and hygiene in various tasks, from barbering to household chores.

Key Features

- Our top-selling nitrile gloves offer outstanding protection against punctures, chemicals, and germs.
- Constructed from synthetic rubber, these gloves are latex-free, powder-free, and PVC-free, making them suitable for individuals with allergies.
- Designed for optimal flexibility and dexterity, these gloves mold to your hands for a snug yet comfortable fit.
- Ambidextrous design and touchscreen compatibility provide convenience and ease of use in various tasks.

Why It's Exceptional

Our colored nitrile gloves have become a staple for professionals across industries due to their exceptional durability and versatility. Whether you're a barber, beautician, or tattoo artist, these gloves offer reliable protection against potential hazards. The absence of latex, powder, and PVC ensures compatibility with various skin types and applications, while the snug yet comfortable fit allows for unrestricted movement during tasks.

With our PVC-free, latex-free, and powder-free design, allergies are no longer a concern, making these gloves safe. The flexible material allows for full dexterity and mobility, enabling precise and detailed tasks without compromise. Plus, their ambidextrous design eliminates the hassle of searching for matching pairs, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Furthermore, our touchscreen-compatible nitrile gloves enable seamless interaction with devices, enhancing productivity and workflow. After use, simply dispose of the gloves to eliminate any potential germs and contaminants, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment. 

Dimensions: 3.5 mil thickness.

Pack contains: 100 gloves.

How to Use:

- Select the appropriate glove size for your needs.
- Pull on the gloves, allowing them to mold to your hands for a comfortable fit.
- Proceed with your tasks, confident in the protection provided by the gloves.
- Safely dispose of the gloves after use.

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