Elegance Water Spray Bottle

Elegance Water Spray Bottle - Elegance Canada
Elegance Water Spray Bottle

Elegance Water Spray Bottle

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Elegance Water Spray Bottle | 50% Longer Spray 

Achieving precision cuts and intricate designs requires meticulous attention to detail. Loose Introducing our hair spray bottle, the epitome of innovation, performance, and style. At Elegance, our mission is to elevate every aspect of your barbering experience, and our hair spray bottle is no exception. Designed for optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal, this bottle redefines the way you work and enhances your clients' experience.

Key Features

- Produces a continuous, super-fine mist to cover large areas quickly and efficiently.
- Distributes water evenly, optimizing tasks and achieving exceptional results.
- Ergonomic, beveled design ensures comfortable handling during prolonged use.
- Refillable and reusable, combining practicality with high-end aesthetics.

Why It's Exceptional

Even the simplest barber shop tasks can benefit from innovation. Our beveled spray bottle is a game-changer, seamlessly blending cutting-edge performance with stunning aesthetics. The specially designed trigger mechanism makes spraying effortless and efficient, allowing you to focus on your craft while ensuring the basics are impeccably executed.

Delve into the mechanics of this water spray bottle, and you'll discover its innovative continuous spray design. The trigger releases an endless stream of super-fine mist with each squeeze, enabling swift and thorough coverage of large areas of hair. Smooth trigger operation minimizes hand fatigue, while the even distribution of mist ensures consistently outstanding results.

Beyond its exceptional performance, the barber spray bottle itself is a statement piece, marrying superior functionality with an eye-catching design. Its sleek yet ergonomic shape, coupled with the distinctive beveled pattern, ensures a comfortable grip even when hands are wet. Refillable and holding a generous amount of liquid, this bottle will become your go-to tool for all your hair spraying needs.

Capacity: 300 ml refillable bottle.

How to Use

- Fill the bottle with water or your chosen tonic.
- Gently squeeze the trigger to produce a continuous mist.
- Ensure even coverage over large areas for consistently great results.

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